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Is the KingSizeCork simply an oversized cork on a scale of 20:1? No! This piece of furniture, designed in the shape of a wine cork, has a very tactile natural cork surface. It is an eye catching, functional high table and a valuable advertising medium at the same time. The idea was to create a much more practical alternative to the barrel, commonly used as a table. Anyone who has tried to transport such a barrel alone knows just what we are talking about. One does say that necessity is the mother of invention!

Compelling advantages:  
  • The KSC is made to an optimal height to get together around, place glasses, bottles and other items on. Its size and low-density composition allow one person to carry the KSC alone. 
  • The centre of gravity has been especially shifted into the lower area. In consequence The KSC is very stable in relation to its weight. 
  • The base of the KSC is fitted with high quality felt pads so that it can be quietly pushed across smooth even surfaces without leaving any scratch marks. 
  • The cork surface is sealed with a water-repellent natural wax-oil, hence wine spillages don’t cause staining and the cork can also be cleaned easily. 
  • The KSC is an excellent advertising medium as your logo or lettering/signage can be displayed along its sides as well as on the top. 
  • Due to its practical size the KSC can be stored in a space saving manner. On 1m2 you can fit 8 KSCs at a room height of 2metres.
  • Weatherproof? Unfortunately we cannot guarantee this as our test KSCs have so far only spent a few months outside. However, they have endured sun, rain, snow and ice, and temperatures between +45 degrees and –5 degrees Celsius. So far there are no blemishes to be found! We can safely say that if your KSC were to be surprised by a thunderstorm it would not suffer any damage from the rain.
  • Naturally its attractive, timeless design can be integrated into all different kinds of surroundings and interiors, whether classical or modern.

Every KingSizeCork is unique and made by qualified craftsmen at Biedermann Weinkellerdesign Est. in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

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